Email Configuration

Many authentication use cases require sending emails to your users. When looking to verify their addresses, reset their passwords, or be alerted of password changes, your users will need to receive emails.

ReachFive offers native integration with two SaaS email services: Adobe Campaign and Splio.

ReachFive also provides generic integrations with either SMTP servers, and an Email API to send the required information to an endpoint of choice.

No matter which integration you use to send emails, you’ll be able to send these three types of emails:


These are the different emails you can send. The emails are triggered automatically by ReachFive after a user makes a specific action.

Verify email address

Triggered after a sign up. Enables a user to verify his or her email address after a sign up. A link with a code and a specific redirect URL is sent as the redirectURL in this email, which verifies the user and redirects the user to a page of your choice (my account, the home page, etc.)

Reset password

Triggered after a password reset request. The email contains a link that can only be used once, and enables the user to change his or her password on the page of your choice.

Password update notification

Triggered after a password change. A basic notification email notifies the user their password has been changed. This email contains no links.

To learn more about the specificities of configuring our email providers, see below.

Generic Email API

SMTP Providers